because saturday's a rugby day
because saturday's a rugby day
because saturday's a rugby day

At match-a-match we link rugby players with clubs. Simple!

Green Grass Ventures has teamed up with Staffs Rugby Union development team to create match-a-match, a unique platform to help rugby players find rugby matches when they are available and to help clubs to find players when they need them. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of games cancelled & encourage more players into rugby.

Across all grass root and social leagues, a high proportion of games get called off due to lack of player availability. Nothing is worse than when you have an afternoon of rugby planned and the game is cancelled because someone must go shopping or has a cold.

Well not any more!

"Most Saturdays just about every club will have their lowest team playing with a few short [resulting in] large numbers of cancelled games and walkovers. Maybe will be the conduit that means less players missing out and more games played."

Simon Hincks; Staffordshire Rugby Development Officer, RFU


Dont have a game this weekend?
We will send you a message on Monday asking if you’re available and quickly, before the better half finds out, you click yes and we let you know of clubs looking for your position.

Match cancelled?
No problem. Click the “I’m available” button and we will let you know about clubs looking for players in your area.

Don't have a club?
Still no problem. Build a profile and each week we will connect you with clubs to get you on that pitch and playing the game you love.

Signing up is quick and simple, giving you instant access to your own match-a-match account. Then you'll be able to build a profile detailing what positions you can play, your location and travel radius etc. When a club needs your skills, you will be notified and if you're happy to play for them we'll send you all the information you need.

Even better, match-a-match is free for you to use and there's no requirement to commit to a club after playing a game. Your details are kept anonymous until you're happy to be contacted by clubs.


Rugby is a great way to keep fit. Training is tough and physical. Games demand a certain level of experience to play safely, but can be enjoyed by all, given the right support and coaching.

Our registered clubs and the RFU provide their players with the best available coaching and support to keep you safe to the best of their ability. When you play for a registered club you will be covered under the clubs RFU insurance.

If you are new to this amazing sport or have only played a few games previously, please let the coaches know and they will be able to offer you the guidance you need for you to enjoy the game and have fun playing.


Most clubs - if not, all of them - struggle to field players at some point in their season. Match-a-match is a tool to help you find skilled players that can offer your team the support it needs in its time of need.

If your club sometimes needs a helping hand, would just like to attract more players to build up your team or even start a new one, then we can help. To enquire, follow the link below, let us know who you are and one of our team will get in touch.